Monday, August 31, 2009

Erasing People by Faye Williams Jones

Faye Williams Jones is a retired school librarian, turned writer. I met her at the very first writing conference I ever attended back in 2005 and she made me feel welcome.

Recently, I bought her first book (a chapbook of poetry that won a publication contest) and I am very proud to add Faye's book to my personal library.

People say that writing needs to say something important. Faye's chapbook, "Erasing People" does that and so much more. The book is about coping with cancer and living each day with the blessings you are given.

Faye has been living with cancer for quite some time so she knows the environment all too well. The poetry in her book is very deep, emotional and beautiful in a manner that transcends the printed words on the page. I would highly recommend her book to anyone who enjoys deep poetry as well as anyone coping with cancer.

Most of us know someone whose life has been touched by cancer. I know someone who had cancer 5 times. If she had not passed away last year, I would have bought a copy of this book for her in a heartbeat because I think she would have really connected with these poems.

If you are interested in purchasing this chapbook, it is $14 and can be purchased through the publisher's website. Follow the link below and go about halfway down the page to find the book. It's entitled, "Erasing People" by Faye Williams Jones.