Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Far From Boring...

The most amazing thing happened to me the other day.

My fiance brought me to his company picnic (which I expected to be somewhat boring). He works for a small company with maybe 20-30 employees, most of whom I didn't really know due to some recent turn-over in staff. I brought a book with me to read at the picnic because the owners of the company are extraordinarily fond of long volleyball tournaments. I am not.

I was reading when one of several "new guys" at the company arrived with his girl friend. She ended up asking about the book I was reading. Come to find out, she is also an aspiring writer, she lives in the area, and she is my age!

Almost all of the writers I know who are around my age, live far from me. Also, for the most part, the majority of writers at the writing conferences I have attended are 50+ years old. So I was really excited to meet another writer my age.

Needless to say, that company picnic turned out to be far from boring. (And I think I only watched the volleyball game for a whole 3 minutes that day!)

It's really quite amazing where little coincidences and connections will sometimes happen and completely change everything.