Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Door May Open Anywhere

Recently I joined a poetry group. I have avoided writing groups like the plague after a bad one in college, so it took a whole lot for me to make myself join this group. So far the experience has been really wonderful.

A lot of the people in this poetry group have "deep souls" (if that makes any sense). They have all struggled with something very difficult in their life and come out very wise and encoraging and inspirational. Very strong. That was a pleasant surprise when I joined this writing group.

Another good thing that has come out of this poetry group is networking with these people. None of them are world-famous poets, but they are all very good. One even has a poetry column in a local newspaper. He was asking for poetry submissions, so I sent him a few poems and he will be publishing one in November and another one next spring. I've never been published in nonfiction, so this is really exciting for me!

It just goes to show, a door may open in a place you least expect it so don't let opportunities pass you by. Each door opens more doors.