Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Read Around

Do your remember when you were in third grade and everyone took turns reading a few paragraphs from whatever book you were studying? I do.

I was reminded of it yesterday. The company I work for has mandatory annual refresher courses on all sorts of things; especially quality regulations. I spent yesterday afternoon in one of these courses and we ended up going around the room reading the materials aloud. It felt like I was back in elementary school all over again; minus the carefree life children have.

However it reminded me that someday I might be reading my book aloud to a crowd of eager-eyed children. Visualizing the future is an important skill for a writer. If you can see where you want to go, it can help beat back that inner critic who tries to hold us back. Adults often forget what it is like to imagine what good things could be. Take a little time to imagine the future you want today and it will help make it easier to take the steps to get there.

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