Monday, August 9, 2010

Why Doth the Sheeple Sleep?

I think there is a lot of confusion on just what net neutrality means.

The average person typically shies away from having aspects of their lives regulated, and that may also be part of why net neutrality is so close to ending. However, allowing the FCC to regulate Internet service providers would help preserve net neutrality.

I believe that is the best option, because if ISPs are left to do whatever they want, we will be paying for access to Internet packages like we do cable tv packages.

This recent article by the New York Times explains a lot about net neutrality and how the ISPs want an end to net neutrality so they can change additional fees for Internet service. They would also basically be able to choose which websites have priority and which websites have lower available bandwidth.

If there are so many individuals in the US who would have to pay more for Internet if net neutrality ends, why is it that a few corporations have made it this far?

Why doth the sheeple sleep? Wake and voice your opinion before corporations decide that what's best for their pocketbook is best for you.

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